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October 9, 2020

Canberra is a microcosm of change and development at the moment. From a growing food scene to fashion and culture, there is a lot happening in the nation’s capital. And who better to document this change than the people who live it every day?

I would like to introduce some Canberrans who are writing about everything from new restaurants to the moves in the property market. There is a lot going on and chances are there is someone blogging about it. As you’re reading this – if you would like some help with your blog please get in touch – contact us

A Stylish Moment

Self proclaimed as a life and style blog this is a sleek looking blog. This blog is run by Jemma Mrdak who is a University of Canberra graduate who has also an award winning blogger.

The blog is divided into three main categories: What I Wore; Health & Fitness; and Travel. I would describe this as more of a photo blog. The photo’s really pop and the site seems to be targeted at the insta audience.

Jemma posts regularly but appears to have had a bit of a break early in 2020 with only one post this year. She has a fairly large instagram following with around 17K followers. If stylish photos of fashion and travel are what you are after then this is the place for you.

Visit A Stylish Moment

Happy Schnapper

Facebook based blog with a Canberra focus. This blog is focused on those who are into fashion and are on a budget. The blog is simple. A photo of the owner, Sophie I think, where she got the outfit and often the cost.

I think this blog nails it. It is simple but does everything it sets out to. The blog also has pictures of the goings on in the bush capital as well as Sophie’s life events, like her kids starting school.

This personal slant is great at breaking up the fashion shots and gives them more power. The blog has about 2K followers. She posts regularly – 8-10 a month. So there is always something new here to look at. Definitely worth checking out for those money conscious fashionistas out there.

Visit Happy Schnapper

The Fashion Vault

This is another stylish fashion blog. The main categories are: Beauty; Who What Wear; Health & Lifestyle; Food. This is mostly a photo blog as well. The beauty section focuses on product reviews and tips.

The Who What Wear looks at different outfit suggestions for events or times of the year. This section also looks at outfits for different travel destinations. Every section has where to buy the different things worn – really helpful if you want to replicate some part of the outfit yourself.

The blog was created by Janette Wojtaszak and is now edited by Janette, Sofia Polak and Deejay Jukic. They post fairly regularly and it’s an easy read and it looks like they have a fairly large team behind the content. With about 4K instagram followers this blog is certainly worth a look but doesn’t have the clout of some of the other Canberra based fashion blogs.

The photos are crisp and clean but the site feels like there is something missing. It definitely looks better on your phone. Way too much white space on the PC.

Visit The Fashion Vault

Travel & Beyond

Travel and Beyond is, you guessed it, a travel blog. It’s written by Joseph Ellis and Rosemarie John. What started out as a blog about their travels for themselves has quickly become much more. You can follow their story on multiple platforms and join the around 5K who already are.

They don’t blog much on the main site, about one blog a month and it has been quiet since July 2019. While the focus is on their travels there are also posts on their time in and around Canberra.

Their blogs are succinct and to the point and the photos are spectacular. With the text at a minimum it has to be on point, and it is. Great blog for those looking for travel inspiration.

Visit Travel & Beyond

Eat Canberra

Eat Canberra is written by Amelia Bidgood, Canberra local and food lover. The blog covers restaurant reviews as well as food awards and events.The blog is well written and captures the essence of each location or event. The photos are brilliant – do not visit this site if you are hungry.

There are three or four blogs written a month but this looks like it goes up and down with events. So if you are wondering whether it is worth going to a particular food festival or not this is the place to come to find out.

Amelia also offers food tours of Canberra and they look like really good value for money. From the comments they look like they are a lot of fun. Definitely a blog to follow if you want to keep up with the food scene in Canberra. This blog is recommended by trip advisor and has about 11K followers on the socials.

Visit Eat Canberra

So Frank

This blog covers everything from food to events and film and theatre. The blog is run by Francisca, Sophia & Kaet. The blog has been quiet of late with only one post this year and then a big silence back to June 2019.

They are much more active on social media – facebook and instagram are where to catch the updates these days. They have around 7K followers.The blog is well laid out and well written and the pics on insta are fantastic. They make me want to be there.

While trying to figure out what sort of person this blog would appeal to I have come to a realisation that they don’t know themselves. They are really just tracking their lives in the Canberra region rather than trying to target an audience. If this is what you are after you are in luck.

Visit So Frank

In The Taratory

This blog reviews everything and anything in the ACT. It was run by two bloggers and moved to a singular one in 2012. In 2016 the main blogger, Tara Cheyne was elected to the ACT Legislative assembly so the blog has gone silent since then.

The site is still live but it feels old – like it is from 2016. Nothing about the site pops it’s poorly formatted and is a pain to read. The posts that I found that were still relevant were well written but it was a bit of a dig.

There has been a little more action on facebook but it is mostly posts related to Tara as a MLA now so not the blog as it used to be. About 2.5K followers. This might appeal to those wanting a trip down memory lane.

Visit In The Taratory

Edible Cities CBR

This Instagram based blog closed in 2018. It was hugely influencial and still has around 5K followers. The pictures are amazing. Great inspiration for where to eat if those places are still open.

Visit Edible Cities CBR

Her Canberra

This blog has the goal of connecting people to each other and their city. The blog is run by Amanda Whitely and a team of five. It also looks like they have a bunch freelancers who contribute content to the blog.

There are many categories that this blog covers. These are: Style, Life, Food & Drink, City, People, Active, Business, What’s On. Sounds like a lot? It is but every section has regular articles posted every few days.

The content is top notch. The articles are well written and professionally presented. The photos are great too – they pop. They deserve the 50K followers they have across their social media accounts. Whatever you want to know about Canberra you will find it here.

Visit Her Canberra

The Style Side

This is a style, fashion and beauty blog. It is written by Kimberly Sara. It provides in depth style guides and recommendations. The blog is beautifully laid out and is a pleasure to read.

If this isn’t your thing the blog also has travel and general articles – mostly related to blogging and things that are happening in Kimberly’s life – like having kids.

The pictures are fantastics and the style guides are clear and very helpful. The blog has about 1K followers on facebook. There are no dates on the articles on the site but facebook is active so it looks like the articles are current. Kimberly also offers style consultations.

Visit The Style Side

Out In Canberra

This blog covers events, restaurants, and things to do. While the site has categories: Dining, Nightlife, Entertainment, Style, Lifestyle, What’s On – all of these go to a similar group of articles.

The articles are well written – clear and concise. So if you can find the article you are after you will have the info as well. I get the feel from this site that it is trying to do too much and it isn’t doing any of it very well.

The What’s On Section looks like advitorial articles for sponsors. The articles on the site are at least current if hard to find. The Socials section is great – documenting local events. I don’t understand why this site has around 32K followers on its social media given the issues with the site itself.

Visit Out In Canberra

Life In Canberra

This is a pictorial blog about people, places, and events in Canberra and is run by Andrew Sikorski. The photos are fantastic, the blog not so much. It is hard to read because of the choice of font and background.

The formatting is poor making it harder to read and really takes away from what could be a spectacular photo blog of Canberra. There are about ten posts a year. There are 18 categories of which none are needed – many of the categories only have one article.

Overall this is a great idea poorly executed. Which would explain the around 1K followers on social media.

Visit Life In Canberra

Canberra Critics Circle

This blog is a collective based on who is in Canberra and practicing each year. It reviews all major art forms. On scrolling through the blog I instantly found a problem with this approach. There are many reviews of the same thing.

Why would anyone come to a blog to read ten reviews of the same theatre production? Having said that there is a lot of activity on the blog. Readability and formatting is another problem. By not using a modern hosting platform like wordpress the blog feels old.

The images aren’t formatted professionally and stick outside the single long column of text. It is far from a pleasure to read. But if this is the content you are after it might be the best place to get it. They have 39 followers on their site and couldn’t find any info on any socials.

Visit Canberra Critics Circle

McIntyre Property

This super professional blog sits in a very interesting place. It is mostly to do with property related articles for buyers and renters. There are also other articles that don’t fit this mould. Like the best hole-in-wall restaurants in Canberra.

The articles are easy to read and the photos are good but this is all tied into the fact that their website is professionally produced. It’s also hard to quantify their views or followers as those could well just be looking at the property side of things.

Having said this they have around 5K followers on facebook and their posts are not all property related.

Visit McIntyre Property

Food Porn

Food Porn is exactly that: a blog about food and restaurants of Canberra. It is run by a single lady who started the blog in 2013. She blogs about once a week – sometimes more. Another warning – do not visit here if you are hungry.

The articles are really well written and have some meat to them – longer than most of the others we’ve looked at here. Photo’s are great, mouth-wateringly great. The site is simple but slick. Easy to find what you’re looking for.

Great social media intigration – I didn’t have to go looking for it like some of the others. About 5K followers but insta is the highest – and where you would expect this sort of blog to do best. She is also super up front about what she is being paid to do or where she has received a free meal, which is refreshing.

Visit Food Porn

Canberra Jazz

The Canberra Jazz blog is a community written blog. It covers everything Jazz related in the Capital as well as other things that are happening. Because there are essentially unlimited writers for this blog it posts very regularly – about once every day or so.

Hard to judge the followers on this one as the blog is tied directly to the main Canberra Jazz website. The main site has a facebook following of around 1K. So you could assume that the blog would be less than this.

The site is another poorly formatted site with microscopic font and too much white space. But if this is the content you are after than this is the place to go because of the regularity of the posts. It’s hard to judge the quality of the content as there are so many contributors. What I did read was well written and you can feel the passion for the Canberra Jazz scene coming through.

Visit Canberra Jazz


For those of you who don’t know Floriade is an annual flower festival in Canberra. It’s a huge event for the city and attracts thousands of visitors from around the country and the world.

The blog for the festival is light on to say the least. There are only a handful of articles – mostly related to the festival for that particular year’s festival.

The blog is well laid out and well written. There isn’t much content to judge this on. Also, as this is just an add on to the main festival site it is almost impossible to judge readership and the following. They have about 10K followers on their insta – which is where you would expect the number to be as it is a flower festival.

CBR Quilters

This is the blog for CBR Quilter Inc which is the oldest patchwork group in Australia. Their group has hundreds of members. The blog is attached to the main site of the group and both the site and the blog are not formatted brilliantly.

There is a lot of text and very few images. Which I find odd – surely quilters would love to have images of their hard work shown off. This site would be great with some simple quilting background for the whole site rather than the white it has.

The blog post’s regularity varies from one every few days to once a week or so. So there is a good amount of content. They have around 500 followers on facebook and about 1K on insta – which is where you would expect their best numbers to be.

Visit CBR Quilters

Style Curator

Style Curator is a blog run by Gina Ciancio. The blog’s goal is to help create a stylish home through tips, renovation advice and insights from experts. The site is broken up into: Advice, By room, DIY, and Interior Tours. As you can imagine there is a little bit of crossover between the categories.

The site is really well laid out and navigation is easy. The photos are great and illustrate the articles really well. You can tell that this is Gina’s passion given the way the articles are written and the polish of the site. She has around 30K followers on social media and 5.9 Million monthly views on pinterest. This blog goes hand-in-hand with the content that pinterest eats for breakfast.

Given the huge draw to this sort of content recently I could imagine this site growing in popularity. This is especially true given the regularity of the posts – every few days. This is certainly worth a read for anyone who is interested in getting ideas about improving the presentation of their home.

Visit Style Curator

Country to Canberra

This blog is off the main site of Country to Canberra. Country to Canberra is a group whose goal is to empower young rural women to reach their leadership potential.

There haven’t been any posts since June 2019 which is odd given that the blogging team consists of nineteen people. Prior to that posts were happening about once a week. The blog and site are really well designed.

Once again, it’s hard to judge the blogs readership as it is tied to the main site. Country to Canberra has about 4K followers on their socials. This sounds like a really well run non-for profit and a great cause. Check it out.

Visit Country to Canberra


This blog is tied to the handmade markets at Exhibition Park in Canberra. These markets happen throughout the year – it looks like about 5 or 6 times yearly. The site is beautiful. Everything is clear and the articles grab your attention.

They make a common error by having too many categories so you end up seeing the same articles over and over again as you move through them. There are no dates on the articles so it’s hard to judge how often they are written.

The handmade markets have around 35K followers across their socials. But once again this is impossible to separate the interest in the blog from the markets themselves. You would expect that most of this interest is from the markets themselves.

Visit Handmade

Betty Loves Blogging

This is a personal blog written by Ashlee Betteridge. She doesn’t post regularly – about 6 articles a year. The articles that she writes are really well written and the site is well laid out. Some of the text could be larger.

As this is a personal blog all of the socials are for Ashlee herself rather than just the blog. She has around 3K followers on twitter – lower on the others. It’s hard to judge a personal blog because it really comes down to whether you like the way the person writes and essentially who they are.

This is really different from other blogs where the content itself is of interest to people. So you will need to have a read of this one and see if you like Ashlee. If you’re a fan you will enjoy this blog.

Visit Betty Loves Blogging

The Canberra 5

This is a blog written by Michelle and Miguel – two locals who are drawn to the number five. The blog is slick and professional. It’s very easy to navigate and find what you are after. There are Top fives for a lot of things but mainly food.

They haven’t posted since December so hopefully they will be back. Having said that prior to this they were posting about once every 1 – 5 months. So perhaps we are still on schedule.

The posts are long but are well formatted and have great pictures. They have around 4K followers on their socials – insta been the highest which is what you would expect from this sort of blog.

Visit The Canberra 5

Canberra Permaculture Design

This blog is off the main business page for this company. The company focuses on designing sustainable gardens to help grow produce all year round.

They don’t blog very often, about once every 2-3 months. The site and the blog are well laid out, navigation is a pleasure and the pictures are beautiful. The articles are well written and easy to read.

They are focused on giving permaculture advice and information about their own garden in Canberra. This sort of blog would be really great if you are looking at starting your own veggie garden. They have about 400 followers on their socials.

Visit Canberra Permaculture Design

ANU Student Science Blog

With this blog you get what it says on the package. This is a blog written by science students at ANU. They post about once or twice a month. The site is great – really well laid out and a pleasure to navigate.

The articles are well written but that might change depending on who is writing. Some of them have too much text. Some of them are brilliant with fantastic pictures breaking up the information.

I would recommend this blog to anyone who is interested in what is happening at the National University’s School of Science, Health and Medicine. They have about 15K followers on their socials – but this is for the school itself not just the blog.

Visit ANU Student Science Blog

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