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October 9, 2020

Managing an accounting/financial practice, especially a small business, is tough. With phones ringing, tax deadlines looming, and unexpected walk-ins, you need top-notch organization for peak staff and business productivity. Do you want to know the top 3 secrets for Accountants?

Imagine the chaos of a crashed wireless network or servers on top of your daily stress. Faulty tech can disrupt customer service, causing wage and productivity losses that harm your business. As a small business, we all know how important it is to keep a positive cash flow. Ensure all tasks are completed, and answer and document customer queries diligently, so you can promptly send out invoices without any delays.

You want to do the best you can to ensure that there is minimal downtime and that all systems are running smoothly. You should be keen to have issues resolved proactively, rather than reactively. In an ideal situation, it would be great if things got fixed before they broke. Being an Accounting / Financial practice you understand how important it is to forecast and budget for problems to ensure a smooth cash flow. While we are not accountants, but friendly technicians, we have some friendly advice to share with you about why you need IT Support, and we promise to tell you about it without too much confusing technical jargon.

Updates Updates Updates and more Updates

Updates from Line of business application

As technology updates, so do the rules, not to mention the various hosted solutions many Accounting firms use. If you utilize a hosted solution like Xero or QuickBooks this is easily taken care of by the provider. However, if you are still using the on-premises MYOB for one reason or another you have to take care of this directly. It is crucial to ensure that this update is performed as it may result in quite a bit of disaster if not done on time.

Updates from Microsoft:-

We call this Patching — happens on the third Tuesday of every month. If you are still using Windows XP, we highly recommend updating to Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 at this point.
There are numerous other third-party program updates like Java – [ATO Portal], Browsers [IE, Firefox, Chrome], and Adobe Reader. Luckily there is a smarter way via Ninite. [Download this file] – Trick – Add it to the startup folder. Buy a license for the pro version so that you can use it on office machines.

Other third-party updates:-

In addition to the list, actively manage AV and spyware updates to maintain a safe and secure system, free from external vulnerabilities. In essence, numerous software programs require updates and diligent tracking. Without proper training, monitoring these updates can consume a significant amount of time for you and your staff.

Network Information Form –

Don’t overlook regular updates – they’re not just for software. Identify and document crucial passwords like Router Login, ISP Details, Printer Login, and more. Share this vital information systematically to avoid last-minute searches during system downtime. Regularly update passwords to bolster security and reduce the risk of breaches. Have a look at this Excel Document which you can use.”

Back-Up Now, You’ll Be Grateful You Did

There is no doubt that backing up your systems is one of the most important tasks an accounting / financial practice business should be taking seriously. While many firms perform backups, it’s crucial to actively implement a test restore process to ensure the backups are functional, tested, and verified.. A recommended best practice would be to ensure you have a rotation disk backup on-site and also an off-site backup.

Take action now to ensure your programs, servers, and critical data are adequately backed up. Don’t forget to include your Network drive in the backup plan. Conduct a test restore to verify what’s backed up and what’s not. Prepare for worst-case scenarios, like fires or floods. Will you be able to recover your systems and data without losing too much downtime?

Find a provider who has experience with your business life of application.

We support clients using MYOB, HandiSoft, XERO, and Quickbooks, helping you seamlessly integrate financial software with other essential desktop programs. If you’re not fully optimizing your software’s potential, we can assist in unlocking additional functionality. For instance, if your MYOB emails end up in spam, leading to payment delays, or if you need a smoother method for importing CSV or Excel files, we’ve got you covered.
How can Technology help your business and make life easier? Don’t fall for flashy marketing pitches. Start by pinpointing your needs and documenting them. Only then seek out the perfect solution, not the other way around.


Like any modern business, harness the power of technology to optimize it for your best interests.

Take a proactive approach in any industry, including Accountants/Financial planners, Medical practices, and more. It is important to ensure that you are able to work and grow your business rather than worrying about IT. Think about it like this: we IT technicians don’t solicit the help of others when we have issues with our computers, but we don’t hesitate to hire accountants to take care of our tax returns! In short, why not get the experts to manage your IT?

Our Ninite trick for program updates will save you time and you’re welcome in advance. At Technowand, we provide proactive care for your software and computers through our fixed-fee IT Support services. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on your business, not IT issues.

Now that tax time is around the corner [Make a booking with your accountant] can you afford any downtime?

If you are tired of your current IT Provider that works on a reactive approach? You now know your business and want a reliable technology partner, Please give us a call.

We will solve your IT issues while you GROW your business!

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