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October 9, 2020

Office 365

Office is the most boring product you could ever talk about. That’s because everyone has heard about it. And most of us have used some of the software in the package.
It is the success and ease of use that has made Office. If you logged onto a computer you would find it strange not to see: Word; Excel; PowerPoint; or Outlook.
Everyone knows what’s in the box so there is little that will no time to be spent learning. Thefamiliarity of these products has won the war and made boring a success.
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Never Worry About Upgrades Again

How frustrating is it when you sit down to work and you have to wait for an update? It’s such a waste of time for you and your colleagues.

Once installed all the office applications do background updates. This means that you can work on them while they download and install any updates. This process will finalise once you close the app.

Coupled with this are document updates – which will talk more about it the online section – essentially version issues will no longer be a problem. Your time will never be wasted by any of these things again.

Work On Any Device You Want

One of the greatest features of Office 365 is that it is ready to work whenever and more importantly wherever you are. You can login to your account on any device and access the full suite of applications.

Office 365 works on your PC, Laptop, Tablet and your phone. You can even work on devices that don’t have Office 365 installed.

You can access online versions of all the applications via a browser login to your account – giving you access to everything you have on your work PC.

All of your settings travel with you even on first use on a new device. You will never have to setup your Outlook inbox in just the right way again.

Know All Your Software Costs Now

Gone are the days when a new product comes out and you need to fork out for it. You will never need wait for the upgrade because of an unknown cost.

This is because Office 365 works on a subscription model. You pay a monthly or yearly cost. This way you always know what your expenditure on software will be.

In industries where software is key this is a game changer. Imagine if a trucking company knew all of the costs for running its trucks for the next year? It would be able to make better investment decisions with its capitalrather than keeping a buffer for unexpected costs.
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Moving Online Drives Everything

The key piece in this software package is OneDrive. OneDrive gives you online – cloud – storage. It also gives you access to the online versions of the applications as mention above.

Cloud storage through OneDrive completely removes version control issues. This means that it keeps track on who has the most recently edited version of the document on their PC (tablet or phone) and updates on the cloud so everyone has access to the new version.

It even allows the same document to be edited by multiple users at the same time. When this occurs you will be able to see flags in the document showing where people are working.

But this doesn’t stop you from working offline. You can access any documents on your device prior to going offline. These documents will be synched up when you are next online. This can cause version issues but there is a check-out feature that allows an offline user to reserve the document for them to edit.

Apps That Drive Productivity

Outside the core apps that we are all familiar with there are some others that can greatly assist with productivity. While all the apps in Office 365 drive productivity these four specifically drive this in a modern workplace – allowing an environment where people may not be in the same place at the same time.

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Skype is a connectivity app that allows you to see a colleague’s status – available; in a meeting; on a call etc. It also allows you to send instant messages; call; video call; share your screen; or run presentations.

Skype makes connecting with your colleagues so easy. The value of being able to glance at your screen and knowing whether someone is at their desk on the other side of the world is invaluable.

Ever wished that the person on the phone could see what is on your screen? Now they can. You can share your whole desktop or specific apps. I have seen Skype’s introduction revolutionise how a workplace operates.

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OneNote – Never Lose A Note Again

OneNote is a virtual notebook. It replicates your hard copy note book but goes much further than that. It allows you to add files; links and images – all directly onto the pages.

You can have separate tabs and pages within the tabs so you can easily organise your notes. You will never lose that notepad file you saved somewhere ever again.

From the top down OneNote is organised as such: Notebooks; Sections; then Pages. All of which are searchable. Organising all the information you need with quick access to has never been so easy. Coupled with OneDrive you cantake your notebook with you everywhere you go.

Yammer – Facebook For Your Office

Yammer is exactly that – Facebook for your office. You can organise different groups to follow. Participate in discussion and keep track of what is happening – all without having to attend any meetings or speak to anyone.

Yammer can help keep disparate groups together and on the same page with projects. It also allows teams to communicate easily about anything.
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Sharepoint allows you to quickly create internal or external web-pages. This is a great tool for collaboration on work.

Its customisation is where the strength of Sharepoint lies. You can really design these pages to achieve whatever you want through: lists; workflows; apps; and document storage.

Sharepoint can change workplaces by automating jobs such as support requests and job workflows. It allows for document libraries to be created which can be a fantastic resource for a workplace in different locations.

The Final Word

Every app and even the delivery of Office 365 has been developed with one thing in mind – productivity. Office 365 will save you and your business time and money. Rollout will be easy because everyone is familiar with at least some of the apps included.

Multiple-Device functionality allows for more flexibility and versatility. You will be better able to control and predict your costs. Time will be saved and frustration will reduce as updates become a thing of the past and sharing documents becomes easy.Productivity apps will change your workplace in ways you can’t imagine – engaging your workforce in new and exciting ways.

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Office 365 Overview


  • Everything is up-to-date all the time
  • No down time for updates
  • No compatibility missmatches


  • This product is a subscription based product – so you always know what your costs are and there will be no surprises with a new release or cost to upgrade.
  • Cost control for business.


  • Skype
  • One Note
  • Yammer & Sharepoint
  • Shared Usage – Version Control


  • Same files across almost any device – PC/Phone/Tablet
  • Browser based for computers that don’t have office installed
  • Settings Travel with your login


  • OneDrive makes this all possible and provides cloud storage for you.
  • You can modify documents offline and as soon as you return online your documents will be updated everywhere.
  • Version updates


  • Save Time by spending more work time working
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