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Creation of Mobile Application for RSM


Mobile Application

Custom Built Tax-Time App for RSM

RSM are global leaders in the financial services industry, providing a wide range of advice. They provide advice to customers both in the private and public sector. They have over 1200 staff in Australia and operate in 120 countries.

When we met with them to design this app with them it was clear that we need to design something simple but effective – to match the rest of their services.
The brief was to make tax time easier for their customers. We discussed issues that they wanted the app to solve and the big two were receipt capture and trip logging.
Central to these core features was that data was to be secured on the users device. Removing any need for the user to be connected to RSM or even to be their customer at all. This would give the customer control over their information and also responsibility over where it went and who could see it.

The app we delivered does both all of these things simply and easily, allowing their customers to be ready for tax time without the hassle of hunting for receipts or downloading trip logs. It’s all here and can be made available to their accountant.

There are other features to the app as well. Such as event information so you never miss another seminar at RSM. There is also an information portal to a variety of information sources such as personal tax calculators and loan repayment calculators.

With the app launched in December 2019 we are confident that it can help make RSM’s customers lives easier.

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