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October 9, 2020

Microsoft Secure Score brings clarity to how your organisation is performing in security terms. Not only that it tells you how you can improve your security posture AND the most efficient way to do it.

What is your Microsoft Secure Score?

Microsoft Secure Score

Microsoft Secure Score is part of Office 365. It is a vital tool that will allow you to transform your organisation from reacting to cyber threats to being proactive towards them.

Score we need to lay some groundwork as to why it is so important. 90% of cyber related incidents are made possible due to security related configurations. Most organisations are unaware how exposed they actually are. Sounds scary right? Read an article we wrote about some of the biggest Viruses of 2019 here. Secure Score is one weapon that you can add to your arsenal to protect your organisation.

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Technology Can’t Solve Everything

Your organisation’s security approach needs to be a collaboration between technology and users. You can have the best technology in the world but if the users aren’t onboard and using the technology to its best capabilities then it won’t matter.

The key thing here is to use them together to get the best out of both. Secure Score will show you how to achieve this and what steps users and technology need to take to better secure your organisation. It is also key to understand that there is no single piece of technology that you can implement to secure your organisation.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Every organisation is different. They use different software and different security measures inside and outside these pieces of software. Secure Score can look at your organisation as a whole – regardless of what your particular choice of software is.

So there are hundreds of applications that can affect how secure your organisation is and within each of these applications there are many different security settings. And these could be different across different users within the organisation. This should give you an idea of the depth and breadth of the problem.

At Technowand we realise that one size doesn’t fit all – Read about our Managed IT Services here.

So What Does It Do?

It’s goal is to empower every organisation to achieve their most secure, most productive security posture. Secure Score looks across your entire organisation and scores your security. It looks at everything that could impact your organisation’s security.

Then it breaks the score down into five categories:

  1. Identity
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Data
  4. Devices
  5. Apps

So you might score really well in some but poorly in others

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So How Do I Get A Better Score?

This is probably the best thing about this product. Not only does it tell you what your score is, it tells you how to improve it. It also gives you a breakdown of how each suggested task will impact your score and what area to focus on.

For example you are already scoring 90% in Identity security and a task says that you will have a 10% increase in this area. Another task for Data says it will have an 8% increase but your Data score is 30% so you should focus on things that improve your Data score first.

Not only that it tells you exactly what you need to do – for your organisation. The data is accessible and shareable – so you can send tasks out to the appropriate teams so that they can look into the current position and improve it.

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Regression & Benchmarking

Another great thing about this tool is that it is not set-and-forget. The tool itself is live so it tracks things as they happen so you will be able to see if a change had the desired effect on your Secure Score. More importantly you will be able to see if changes you have made in the past have regressed back to where they were previously. Secure Score pays particular attention to these things and notifies you under the Regression section.

Seeing how you are performing amongst your peers is key for any business. I mean you don’t want to charge twice the price for the same product – you would have no customers. Similarly you want to make sure you are at least as secure as your competitors. Benchmarking allows you to see exactly that. Not specifically who you are better or worse than but how you are scoring in your industry. The software scores you by looking at a number of different parameters including number of users and software used.

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