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October 9, 2020

You want your IT systems to be secure.

It’s vital for not only your business security but for that of your family as well. You do your best to stay abreast of changes and developments and you understand just how vital it is to stay on top of your game when it comes to all things tech.
But sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. When it comes to deciding between a ‘do it yourself’ style approach and managed IT support you’re faced with a decision.
Do you dare to enter the muddy waters that flood the online world alone, or do you wear a life jacket? Here are the ‘MUST KNOWS’ about providing IT support for your business and your loved ones.

1. Arm Yourself with The Right Tools

Consider the benefits of using < href=””>Office 365 for your business. This ingenious technology makes it possible for work to be stored securely in the cloud whilst proving easy access to the range of simple-to-use programs presented by the Microsoft Office suite.

Your can happily plug away on a Word document, use Outlook with confidence and prepare those PowerPoint presentations for meetings easily and beautifully. Moving businesses onto the cloud using Office 365 means both ease of access as well as a firm guarantee of security.

Work will never be lost – meaning those last-minute presentations will actually get completed !

2. Make Preventative Maintenance Your Business
Are viruses a real threat to your small business?

Investing in preventative maintenance strategy means that you’ll be able to rest safe in the knowledge that all those Internet nasties won’t be clogging up your system anytime soon.
Antivirus software and regular system checks act as a safeguard against viruses that will clog and slow down the computer.

Pop ups will be a thing of the past if you ensure that your systems are proactively protected. Having these protections, like anti-virus software, as part of your foundation will alleviate issues that may ‘pop up’ further down the track. This will mean that your machines and systems are up to date and in perfect working order.

Backing up data regularly to make sure nothing gets lost means that documents and files are secure and can be readily accessed further down the track. It’s just good sense. This is what exactly we offer as IT Managed Services.

3. Lock It Up, Baby
Encourage your team members to employ safe and secure passwords.

Ensure that they’re complex and difficult but make it a memorable one. Resetting password is no doubtley one of the common request for the IT Help Desk.

We use a website called which generates simple and funny password. I would surely recommend you to give it a try !

Does my small business really need an outsourced IT Department ? )
It’s also of vital importance that a range of different passwords are used rather than using the same one for everything.

And Please don’t use birth dates as passwords – the aim here is for something unique that scammers won’t be able to bust through!

4. Encourage Safety Online
It’s important to stay safe online.

Press the importance of online safety on those around you. Guard against giving away personal information, falling for internet scams and using unsecured sites to make transactions.

Education and awareness is the key here, There are several websites from the govt which provides alrert services.

5. Work with Managed IT Support You Can Trust

You can’t be everywhere at all times, nor can you respond to every single IT crisis that rears as you have a business to run.

Technowand offers around the clock support for people just like you who are trying to do the right thing and protect themselves and their business online.

Trained professionals are available to assist with whatever issue you’re confronted with – and they’ll do it with a smile.
The 5 star google reviews are a result of the trust our customers have on us.
IT Support for Your Family and Business

Talk to the team at Technowand today about how best to fit your IT support lifejacket. They’ll keep you afloat!

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