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October 14, 2020

Like the old adage that the best gifts come in small sizes one of our best success stories falls into this category. Technowand works with customers big and small, corporate and private. Have a look at our IT Managed Services. We often talk about the big business side of things but wanted to turn the focus to one of our private customers.

IT services can be foreign for many people and here at Technowand, we want to make them an asset for you. We want it to work for you to make your life easier. We don’t want it to be that dreaded necessity that you have to deal with. Join us as we have a chat with one of our longest customers – Merrelin.

IT’s Reach

You don’t have to be the most significant player in the marketplace to reap the rewards that IT services can deliver. You don’t even have to be a business.

Think about your daily life. Our interactions with IT services are commonplace. Your alarm clock; buying your morning coffee; sharing messages or photos with your family and friends; the majority of your work if you are in an office.

It is rare that we will have an interaction that doesn’t involve IT services somehow – it’s just that prevalent. Get involved with a great website. Already have a website – let us manage it for you.

IT’s Power

IT services aren’t prevalent without reason. It makes the miles between us disappear. You can have interactions with people all over the world instantaneously and securely. It automates processes taking the mundane and repetitive tasks out of our hands.

It opens a world of opportunities that just wouldn’t be there without IT services. Do you feel separated from the digital revolution that IT services is bringing us? Have a read of our analyses of Australia’s Digital inclusion index in the Digital Divide.


With Technowand’s support, Merrelin has been harnessing IT services’ power and reach for 15 years now. She was referred to us by another customer and has never looked back. Join Merrelin and become a long-term customer as well.

Rahul – our Operations Manager – set up her new computer system and she is glad that she always has Conor (Level 1 Support) on the other end of the line if there is any trouble.

Merrelin is grateful for the way that she is treated with respect even though she says she probably asks some very silly questions. “Conor always goes that extra mile for me”. Harness the power of IT like Merrelin has with Office 365 – The Last Office Product You Will Ever Buy.

IT Support For Private Customers

While Merrelin pays a monthly retainer for the services provided there will be months that she doesn’t need any help at all. But she says, “I have never regretted my contact with Rahul who was always kind and obliging despite my ignorance of technology.”

IT services can be a minefield for people who aren’t familiar with them. We would love to take the stress out of IT services for you. We would love to make IT services your ally as we have for Merrelin.

For Merrelin suspicious emails are a particular concern – as they should be for all of us. Conor is always there to assist and, “After each contact, I receive an evident report of the services I have received.” Concerned about viruses? Have a read of the Top 5 Viruses of 2019.

Service With A Smile

Excellent service is our bread and butter. We want to spread smiles. Merrelin thinks we are doing ok in this department. “I believe that the service I get from Technowand is excellent.”

At the end of the conversation, Merrelin said, “I am so grateful that I have Technowand looking after me.” We are so grateful to have Merrelin to look after us. We would love to look after you as well – Contact Us.


Eddie Vedder

Eddie looks after marketing campaigns for Ironclad. In his pre-tech life, he worked as a journalist on the San Francisco Peninsula. Off hours, he dreams of England.