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Email Address Breach

Email Address Breach is the name of a new app we have developed here at Technowand. We started development of this app towards the end of 2019 and launched on both the Apple and Google App stores in January 2020.

You may have seen in the news stories of people’s emails been leaked online. If you were part of the leak you should secure your email by changing your password and taking other steps to enhance your security.

The problem is: how do you know if you have been part of a breach? Do you have to wait until there is a public announcement from the company? Sometimes this is well after the breach occurred.

The app we developed works with the ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ database. This database is maintained by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director and security expert. His database compiles information on account data breaches.

The Email Address Breach app brings this all together. It allows you to enter your email address and it checks with the database to see if you have been involved with any known breaches. It gives you details of each breach and when they occurred.

Not only that it then provides you with a recommended course of action. It also links up with our colleagues at Stay Smart Online for information on the latest threats and how to address any risks to their devices or computer networks.

You can download our app here:

Apple App Store
Google Play

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