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    Fixed Fee Maintenance Services
    Top 7 Fixed Fee Maintenance Services that Work for You | Technowand

    It’s hard being a small business owner. You’re the face of your business and you’re always on call. You need to manage staff, accounts, products and services – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s always so much to do and it often seems like there’s not enough time in the day to […]

    Xero Did it
    How xero saved my marriage

    If you’re an Australian small business owner like me, chances are you’ve spent too many Friday evenings alone in the office, generating invoices. You need to send out invoices, sure. But if you’re using traditional accounting software like MYOB, it’s a time-consuming process. What if there was a better way? Times have changed. Technology has […]

    perfect customer service
    Perfect Customer Service Email Template | Customer Support Email | Technowand

    How to write the perfect customer service email template: Technowand’s 10 top tips Did you know that 205 billion emails are sent every day? That’s 2.4 million messages every second. These days, email is a critical communication and sales tool for small businesses – especially when it comes to customer servicFrom support requests to sales […]

    Educating Employees to Protect
    Cyber Security for Employees | Cyber Threats | Technowand

    Cyber security is something that all businesses should take seriously regardless of size. In 2015, a survey found that 86 percent of business executives were concerned about cyber threats. And rightfully so—according to the Identity Theft Resource Center in California, the total number of data breaches reported increased from about 400 in 2011 to roughly […]

    Screenshots and Share Links
    How to Take Screenshots and Share Links

    Step 1 Click here to go to and install Greenshot. The download should begin automatically or else visit Step 2 Click here to Go to and click the signup link on the upper right hand corner. Register using your Google account. Step 3 From your computer’s system tray, right click on the […]

    Helpful office 365 links
    Helpful Office 365 Links | Microsoft Office 365 | Technowand

    Office 365 Plan Comparison – On-demand Microsoft Cloud training courses with created in conjunction with Robert Crane including courses on Microsoft 365 Business and Azure Robert Crane Github repositories for Office 365 and Azure & Other great Microsoft 365 Resources Microsoft 365 Playlist on Ingram Micro Cloud ANZ Youtube channel Including: […]

    Are you using a common password
    One of the Most Commonly Hacked Passwords Here | Most Used Passwords | Technowand

    Our passwords form a significant part of our digital footprint. We use them almost constantly. Email, banking, social media, work accounts. They’ve become the most frequently used currency in the digital age and they’re so ingrained in our ever day lives that we often barely give them a second thought. But what good is a […]

    IT Support Services
    3 Models of IT Support Services | Managed IT Support | Technowand

    Technology continues to evolve. The last ten years has seen dramatic changes. The cassette tape has been replaced by the CD. The CD has been replaced by the MP3. The touch screen on mobile devices has transformed them into smart devices. This is now a device that has a phone app on it. Today’s technology […]