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    5 Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security that Every business should know

    Introduction Technology has been a boon for the world, but it has also created a challenging obstacle: cyber security. In September 2022, Australia’s lax cyber security measures led to severe incidents with Optus and Medibank. With that said, Australians have learned their lesson and are now awakening to the need to bolster their digital setups […]

    ex employee
    Remove ex-employees and secure data in M365 as per IT Managed service provier

    Securing Data and Removing Ex-Employees in M365: A Guide by Your IT Managed Service Provider When an employee departs from your organization, it is of utmost importance to promptly revoke their access to your Microsoft 365 services. This is crucial to safeguard your company’s sensitive information from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. Furthermore, failing to […]

    Email phishing attack
    How to Avoid Phishing | How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

      Avoid Getting Phished   Email phishing attacks are common; chances are you’ve been a victim. It could be anything from the prince of Nigeria to winning a 10 Million lottery! We all have our share of stories about the different types of phishing scams we have been through.  Phishing attacks remain frequent and user […]

    How to Switch IT service provider? | IT Support | Technowand

    Switching an IT service provider in any part of our lives can feel painful. It’s just easier not to move – it can be an easy mindset to find yourself in. And you’re right – this is a big decision. But if it is the right one there are things you can do to make […]

    Maintainence task
    Website Maintenance | Website Maintenance Services | Technowand

    Website maintenance can feel like a chore but it is vital in ensuring that you don’t lose traffic and potential customers. The five areas we are going to go through don’t have to be difficult and they can have a big impact on your site if done regularly. Test – Test – Test Regularly reviews […]

    Blog Great successes in small package IT services
    Great success small package | IT management services | Technowand

    Like the old adage that the best gifts come in small sizes one of our best success stories falls into this category. Technowand works with customers big and small, corporate and private. Have a look at our IT Managed Services. We often talk about the big business side of things but wanted to turn the […]

    How much does it cost IT services
    Small Business it support | Support Small business | Technowand

    Let’s face it. The IT services world can be a confusing place for small to medium businesses. The terminology is unfamiliar. Systems go down for no apparent reason. And it’s difficult to get a clear understanding of upfront and ongoing IT services costs. If you’re a small business owner, it’s probably safe to assume that […]

    man in black suit wearing eyeglasses
    Digital Inclusion Benefits | Digital Inclusion For Seniors | Technowand

    Digital Inclusion Digital Inclusion For Seniors The ongoing stereotype that seniors are not techno-savvy or can’t learn new things is pervasive. But this statement doesn’t look at this complex issue with the nuance required. Let’s have a look at the data around the stereotype and what programs are around to assist older Australians to cross […]

    cheap services for free nonprofit tools
    Non-Profit Organization | IT Support | Technowand

    Would you like to schedule your social media posts at your preferred time using free nonprofit tools? How about managing responses across multiple accounts from one unified team inbox, and streamlining social media management with the help of free nonprofit tools? With our platform, you can conveniently track the performance of all your posts in […]

    wanna cry ransomware
    Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack Explained | Ransomware Small Business| Technowand

    There are good cops and bad cops, unfortunately, it takes a bit of time for the good cops to catch up with the bad cops, but they usually get caught. The wanna Cry ransomware is the most recent ransomware which has already infected 200,000 computers around the world. Once your machine is infected, it encrypts […]

    WordPress Create Website | WordPress Website | Technowand

    Here is a list of WordPress plugins that helped us generate 100K in 2016. WordPress plugins which will help your website work smarter for your business and not harder. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web, which is quite a lot of websites. The numbers make it clear that WordPress is certainly a good […]