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October 9, 2020


Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the upgrade of Skype for Business but it is so much more than that. It brings together everything that Skype could do and adds a whole bunch of features that will leave you wondering how your business operated before you had Microsoft Teams.

A great thing about Microsoft Teams is that it can be modified easily and scales really well. So regardless of what your business is or how big it is Microsoft Teams has some great features for you.

The app allows you to separate your organization into different teams based on whatever you want. Inside each ‘Team,’ there are channels so that communication about a particular topic can be found in one place.

1. All Communication In One Place

Microsoft Teams brings every piece of communication together in one place. Instant messaging; Online Meetings; Audio and Video Calls as well as the live collaboration of documents.

Instant Messaging

The messaging feature of Skype is here basically unchanged but the key thing is how it is organized. Inside Microsoft Teams your messages are separated by the different channels within a team and the app makes it clear what you have missed and most importantly what chats and channels have messages specifically for you.
You can also organize your messages by pinning your favorite chats for easy access.


We will go into meetings in more detail in point four but this is the stand-out part of the App allowing seamless remote meetings with some fantastic features.


You can call anyone in the company through the App and have easy access to dial out as well. This one App really does bring everything together.

2. Live Edits of Files By Everyone

With the App utilizing Sharepoint’s power, documents can be uploaded to a channel for live edits by everyone. The software looks after conflict resolution. Another great feature is that as soon as a document is uploaded to a channel the live-edit version will be available in that Team’s Files, so you will quickly be able to locate the most up-to-date version of a file.

I cannot stress how great this feature is. No longer will you have to wait for someone to email you the most up-to-date version of a file? You can both work on it at the same time and everyone on the Team knows where the file can be found. Gone are the days when you will need to remember the locations of files.

3. Security Settings Cascade From Office 365

Microsoft Teams

The Security Settings for the App Cascade from Office 365. So any settings that your organization previously had in place will apply here. So you can integrate this new communication easily into your security software and monitor it with Microsoft Secure Score.

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You can also take complete control over what particular teams within your organization are able to do in Microsoft Teams. This covers everything from allowing guest access to particular teams to how the Skype transfer works for you and your staff.

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4. Makes Meetings A Breeze

Online meetings are now a common feature of our daily routines. This App takes them to the next level allowing video, audio, and document sharing within a meeting. A great feature is that when you join a meeting it gives you a pre-meeting screen allowing you to adjust your camera and microphone before you join the meeting properly. It also lets you know who has already joined the meeting and if you are late.

A brilliant feature is that meetings can be recorded. So if people miss a meeting they don’t actually miss anything. A feature of this is that the App captions the audio of the meeting allowing you to go back to the video and find a particular topic with ease.

Some other cool features are that you can blur your background so that you can easily participate in meetings wherever you are. This is a huge win for the Microsoft Teams App! It removes all the clunky problems from Skype and any other third-party apps like Zoom and adds some great features at the same time.

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5. Integration of Microsoft & Third-Party Apps

Microsoft Teams allows you to use Microsoft and third-party apps within it. The integrated document features discussed in point one are only the start of the possible integration. In your dashboard, you can have Microsoft apps like Planner & Power BI.

Having this power all within one app is fantastic. You don’t need to waste time changing programs. Also having access to third-party apps achieves the same function. There is an ever-growing list of apps that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams – some standouts for me were: Mailchimp and Asana.

Microsoft Teams
Check out the full list of apps supported in Microsoft Teams here.

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Microsoft Teams is setting itself up to be the single communication app that companies need. Through the integration of all of these other features, it may be heading towards the single app that companies need.

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